Photo: Roving Rube
03 February 12


Renaissance Hotel Clock
Renaissance Hotel Clock, Times Square  

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Photographer's notes: The Rube has never liked this clock too much -- too Las Vegas-y -- but here and in Fig. 1 and 2 he does like the reflections in the black panels of the hotel.

The hotel forms the northern border of Times Square, and has a wall of video screens and advertising on its south face. The Rube was walking nearby when he came across a group of tourists laughing delightedly and pointing their cameras at the top of the hotel. ... Long story short, if you are in Times Square and have a half hour or so, you can be the star of a little cartoon on the big screen up there just below the digital clock display (Fig 3). Just go into the HSBC booth in the Visitor's Center.

The Rube can be observed hanging off Big Ben in the Context view (our featured clock can just barely be seen here on the lower right side of the hotel).

Alt view Restore original Alt View "HSBC Starring You" In context