Photo: Roving Rube
03 February 5


David Rockefeller Post Clock
David Rockefeller Post Clock, City Hall Park 

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Photographer's notes: The Rube's mind may eventually become unhinged by stress of doing this series, so sure is he that clocks are appearing where no clock was the day before, or not working at one moment, and perfectly fine the next.

For the moment, at least, reason was restored by a plaque on the base which explained that this clock was not installed in 1900, as it might appear, but in 2000. It is a gift from the Downtown Alliance, in honor of David Rockefeller, "a man who has done more for Downtown, over a longer period, than anyone".

A press release and more pictures describing the clock can be found at Save America's Clocks, a site "dedicated to locating, inventorying and assisting in the preservation and maintenance of all of America's public clocks. By public clocks we mean any and all clocks that the public sees. That includes street (post) clocks, tower and church clocks, digital clocks ... you name it. Non-working clocks betray the public trust and send out a message that nobody's home. When these clocks are left to deteriorate, we all lose part of our rich heritage."

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