Photo: Craig Jennings
03 January 12

NYC Snowstorm

Central Park Panorama (detail) 

(Click on picture for full panorama)

Central Park Panorama (detail) 

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Photographer's notes: Taken January 1, 2001 in Central Park, west side of the loop, after a deep snow. Casio QV3000; everything set to auto. Five pictures stitched together, approximately 180 degrees.

This photo exaggerates a peculiarity of extreme panoramas: the road seen on the left is the same road on the right (left = north, right = south). Because the sun was extremely low and about to set, the light on the snow changes from being brightly reflected on the left to shadowed on the right.

Another oddity is that the man in blue walking between the two tree trunks is also visible to the left. Because he was walking in the same direction that I was shooting, I captured him twice. I was annoyed by this at the time, and waited for him to clear out of the remaining pictures; now I wish I'd followed him all the way across. (CJ)