Photo: Roving Rube
03 January 3

NYC Snowstorm

Skating in the snow, Rockefeller Center


Skating in the snow, Rockefeller Center 

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This picture is actually a composite of two (see "Original" Fig.) to make a more balanced composition of skaters. The Rube also has this thing about having a diagonal intersect with a corner of the picture -- in this case the foreground skater's arm. And now he remembers he was going to white out the rink fence at upper right so it would just be figures and snow ... oh well, maybe it is better with it.

The same couple can be seen in Fig. 1, which is an experiment with PhotoShop's "perspective crop" tool.

Fig. 2 shows the glorious golden Prometheus who dominates the rink.

Fig. 3 is from the opposite end of the season (in this case mid-April, 2002), when they can barely keep the ice from melting.

The NYCJPG entry for 2/8/02 tells more about the rink and how it came to be.

Restore Image Perspective crop Hail Prometheus Late in the season Original