Photo: Roving Rube
03 January 1

NYC Snowstorm

57th Street Snowflake


57th Street Snowflake(s) 

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During the First Big Snowstorm of the year (back on December 5th), the Rube put his precious G2 in a baggie with a hole cut out for the lens. The baggie had printing on it, obscuring his view of the buttons, and this in combination with numb fingers led to many inadvertent shots of his feet walking.

But, there were also many great shots to be had!

And there is certainly something great about the 27-foot Big Snowflake. To learn who sponsors it, when it is hung and lit, visit the Unicef Snowflake site.

We've learned that it has been there for the past 17 seasons and was designed by Douglas Leigh ("the man who brought animated billboards to Times Square and immortalized Time Square with its famous Camel billboard with its smoking ring" --

Finally, we found an obituary for Douglas Leigh:

"DOUGLAS LEIGH DIED LAST DECEMBER. He was probably in his 90s (he changed his age many decades ago so people would think he was a hot young talent). He was a pioneer of giant outdoor signs including most of the big moving ones over Times Square (1930s-60s). One showed animated movies on a field of light bulbs. They went on and off to form images ... Later in his life Leigh designed outdoor lighting including the lighting design for the Empire State Building and light plans for several cities." (source: ASIFA San Francisco)

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