Photo: Roving Rube
02 December 23

The Lights of
Dyker Heights




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One might suspect this is a dollhouse because of the large scale of the decorations, but in fact, it is the Alfred Polizzotto household. As a previously cited Daily News article explains, he "had a mechanical designer rig 29-foot-high toy soldiers to stand guard, waving their arms. Polizzotto also has 2,000-pound horses rearing and galloping, and a quartet of dancers almost 10 feet tall pirouetting in a massive ode to "The Nutcracker Suite." Polizzotto, a real estate lawyer and cancer survivor who got seriously involved in the Christmas madness to thank God for his illness' remission, estimates that the block draws 150,000 visitors a year."

Lots of the figures move in this display, including waving elves (?) on the balcony, whom look enough like regular real people to startle you momentarily.

.Figures 2 and 3 show the "Small World" display of a house on the next block; it contains dolls representing various countries with matching icons made of lights. And a Ferris Wheel!


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