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02 December 14

Bronx Zoo






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Rockefeller Fountain
Rockefeller Fountain 

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"Baird Court, known today as Astor Court, [is] a large ceremonial space that extends from the Pelham Parkway entrance to the Elephant House. Located between the entry gates to the zoo and Astor Court, is the Rockefeller Fountain crafted by Biagio Catella, circa 1872, and named for William Rockefeller who gave it to the Zoological Society in 1910. It was proclaimed a New York City landmark in 1968. With its terraces, formal landscape elements, and symmetrical layout, Baird Court was modeled after the 'city beautiful' concept first introduced in the United States at the 1893 World's Colombian Exposition in Chicago." (from Public Art in the Bronx web site, created by Lehman College Art Gallery, CUNY).

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