Photo Credit: RovingRube
02 December 5

Bronx Zoo






(Photographer's Notes Below)

Lowland Gorilla, Congo Gorilla Forest
Lowland Gorilla, Congo Gorilla Forest 

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Signs scattered around the zoo suggest visitors could really help the animals of the Congo if they wanted to, and in this case it is by paying an extra $3 to visit the new "Congo Gorilla Forest" exhibit.

The Rube was a little scared of being so close to these large gorillas (they come up and stare at you through the glass - Fig 2), but also completely fascinated. There were Debrazza's Monkeys (Fig 3) sharing the same space as the gorillas; they didn't seem too scared.

At the end of the exhibit you get to decide exactly which of the animals you want your $3 to help: Gorillas, Debrazza's Monkeys, or others ...

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