Photo Credit: RovingRube
02 December 2

Bronx Zoo






(Photographer's Notes Below)

Bronx River tributary
Bronx River tributary 

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The Bronx River winds through the Bronx Zoo and the adjacent New York Botanical Gardens (12/28/01-12/31/01)-- this is a tributary; the edge of the River can be seen (the Rube thinks) in the top right corner of Fig. 2.

There is a way to walk from the Zoo to the Gardens, the Rube thinks, and then over to Fordham Road and a great Italian restaurant (Arthur's?) with red checkered tablecloths where you dine family-style, no menus: the waiter asks: "Waddaya want?", and you say, "Waddaya got?" Unfortunately the Rube gave the book that detailed how to do this -- it was called something like "Nooks and Crannies of New York" and had hand-drawn maps -- back to the person who borrowed it from someone else to loan it to him, even though it was thought the first person would never miss it.

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