Photo Credit: Craig Jennings
02 November 9

Central Park

Our Central Park series concludes with a picture taken in Brooklyn -- our excuse is that the New York Marathon ends in Central Park. The alternate view shows a grandstand near the finish line being set up the previous week.

(Photographer's Notes Below)

NYC Marathon Front Runners
NYC Marathon Front Runners (11/03) 

On the left is with red headband is Rodgers Rop, winner at 2:08:07. This picture illustrates a well-known attribute of marathoning: the race isn't over until the end!

The shot was taken in Williamsburg around the 11-mile point, and none of this group other than Rop finished in the top ten. Number 7 to the right of Rop, Hendrik Ramaala, finished fourteenth, and in front of him number 34, David Rutto, finished seventeenth. The two apparent front runners, 60 and 61, didn't finish in the top hundred.

I missed the female lead runners because the start time was changed this year: they began much earlier than the men's elite/regular runners, although the change didn't make finish times better.

Taken with a Nikon Coolpix 5000, pushed to its limit. The speed of the runners and the gray overcast day made autofocusing with this camera difficult -- I discovered later that half of 530 pictures were out of focus! Between that and the write-time delays, I lost a lot of shots my old Canon AE-1 would have handled fine. Next time I'll just choose shoot at a fixed focal point and hope for the best. (Craig Jennings)



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