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Why You Never See a Class "B" Cigarette

This distinctive clock on the front of Nat Sherman's cigar store at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street looks real "old-time NY", but actually it (and the store) has only been at this location since 1991.

The Rube became increasingly skeptical about the colorful old-time NY tales told about founder Nat on the company website (e.g.., the young holdup man to whom Nat said "here, take $5 and forget about the holdup"; who was immediately thereafter subdued by two prizefighters who happened to walk in at that moment; and who after learning metal-pressing at Sing-Sing, went on to become the millionaire owner of the Ace Metal Pressing Company), but he did buy the Holiday Warmth story contributed by Joel Sherman.

Further research led to, and answered, the question above.

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