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01 October 25*







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Dubonnet Hispano, Car Show, Rockefeller Center
Dubonnet Hispano, Car Show, Rockefeller Center  

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This car show took place in September 2000; as the Rube recalls, it had Frank Sinatra songs playing on a good sound system and all in all was one of the most glamorous events he ever got to attend (anyone who walked by was allowed to attend, of course).

This photo also reminds the Rube of a great This American Life show on the theme of "testosterone" -- one segment was about a man whose body stopped producing testosterone, and as a result he achieved a Zen-like state of seeing everything as beautiful and yet boring because he experienced no desire for any of it. Another was narrated by a woman who received massive doses of testosterone as part of a sex-change operation and as a result experienced great desire for many things she saw walking down the street, including sports cars. In the third segment, the show's staff had themselves tested for testosterone -- none of the women wanted to have the most, and none of the men wanted to have the least. In the last segment, a doctor explains not to take any of the foregoing too seriously. You can find and listen to the show at, in the 2002 section. (RR, 11/20/02)

*These photos were originally sent out by the Rube to friends before NYCJPG came on-line; we decided to use some of them to fill out the missing days on the site. They were taken with a Kodak DC290, now being used to good effect by Roving Rube Sr.

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