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Taking pictures, Times Square

Theme: The New York Experience. Notes by Roving Rube.

One thing the Rube really likes about NYC is that it is a very "picture-taking friendly" city -- every second person is carrying a camera and taking pictures with it. It is an accepted thing that people do.

So it is rare that the Rube raises an eyebrow as he wanders the streets of Manhattan taking pictures. Occasionally security guards will chase him off their plazas, and the feds are very sensitive about photographing anywhere near their buildings, but even they are polite about it, conceding that taking pictures is a natural thing to want to do, just please don't do it right here.

In comparison, in Philadelphia, a very beautiful and photogenic city, relatively few people carry cameras, and the Rube felt like an oddball there. And in Charlotte -- a young and vibrant city with a lot of great new skyscrapers -- he really felt like a suspicious character, and indeed, was soon stopped by security on a plaza and made to show his drivers' license, and the guard called it in on his walkie-talkie. It was like the guard knew the Rube was up to no good, and if he took one false step ...

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