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Gray Line double-decker, Times Square

Theme: The New York Experience. Notes by Roving Rube.

The Rube is still hoping to take one of these tours for this series -- if there is just a warm enough day, and if it's a weekday so it won't be as crowded. Also, he may have given the wrong price in an earlier entry on the subject (unless it's seasonally adjusted); only $49 for the "Essential New York" tour, and look at all you get:

Enjoy the best sights in Manhattan during the day and at night, with unlimited hop-on, hop-off service at over 35 stops. Stops include Central Park, Lincoln Center, Uptown Loop - American Museum of Natural History,Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Harlem, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim and other famous cultural attractions on the Museum Mile. Downtown Loop - Stops include Times Square. Empire State Building, Greenwich Village, SoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown, Financial District, Battery Park ... South Street Seaport, Night Loop ... Now through September, the Brooklyn Loop is also included with the All Loops Double Decker Tour!

It now being October, it would seem like the Brooklyn Loop is always included in the All Loops tour, but perhaps the website hasn't been updated.

Even though he could cover all the same ground himself for under $10 in subway fare, there is still something tremendously appealing in what seems like being able to float around the whole city on the bus, in the open air, hitting just the high points, and seeing how it all connects together as a whole. Using the subway means going down into a black hole, and when you come out, you're somewhere else, and you're not quite sure how you got there.

And check out the Showbiz Insiders Tour!!!

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