Walter Martin and Paloma Muņoz: "9 to 5", City Hall Park
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Roving Rube
'03 May 28


Here is another piece (see 5/17 NYCJPG for others) from the Public Art Fund's "Metrospective" show at City Hall Park.

At once subtle and surreal, 9 to 5 seems to tap nature at its source, magically harvesting ripe fruit before it ever reaches the branch...Its wry workday title furthers the artists' commentary on the importance often placed upon streamlined productivity in our daily lives. (PAF site)

Fig. 1: Peter Rostovsky - "Monument"

A figure stands at the edge of a daunting precipice far above the head of the viewer, alone at the top of a dramatically jutting mountain. The tiny figure, dressed in a sports coat, is altogether ill-suited for the outdoors...With its generic title and its faux-bronze appearance, Monument is in fact a monument to anyone and no one, dwelling on a state of mind instead of a person, place or thing. (PAF site)

Fig. 2: Brian Tolle - "Witch Catcher"

Witch Catcher is a large-scale brick chimney, twisting 25 feet into the air, surrounded by the foundation of a depicted 17th century New England house...Brian Tolle's work reflects his fascination with American history and the seamless ribbon that is America's timeline. He is particularly interested in the "gray areas" between past and present. (PAF site)



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