Tony Oursler's "The Influence Machine", Madison Square
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Roving Rube
'03 May 19

Rube's Notes:

Before there was an, there was a , and then before that, there was just a mailing list of people who received the Rube's photos, whether they wanted them or not. And today's photo may be remembered by members from that list.

The Main Image is from Halloween, 2000. The video artist Tony Oursler projected ghostly images of faces onto mist -- the Rube thinks this is the same image, just picked up on two layers of fog. The white bulb of the projector can be seen behind the second face.

The faces had voices -- the Rube cannot remember what they said now -- obscure monologs, each trapped in its own Phantom Zone.

Fig. 3 shows another spirit that seemed caught in a tree trunk -- sometimes there would be a thunk as it hit its head on what would be the other side of the inside of the trunk.

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