Long-stemmed Tulips, Grand Army Plaza
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Roving Rube
'03 May 12

Rube's Notes

The Rube thought these red tulips looked like they weren't quite part of this time-space continuum -- too perfect, too 3D, too red somehow -- so he took a couple of pictures.

Fig 1 may possibly suffer from his camera's inability to step gracefully off the the cliff from the hyper-red edge of the tulip back to our dimension -- but just as possibly it shows EXACTLY what these tulips look like when you look at them and nothing else. No wonder they drove those Dutch gardeners crazy!

He walked by these same tulips (Fig. C) with his friend later in the evening, and she asked if tulips close up at night. Which he wasn't sure about. But now, comparing the Figures, he can say that they just stay exactly the same, night and day. Otherworldly.


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