Saucer Magnolias, New York Botanical Garden
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Roving Rube
'03 Apr 26

Rube's Notes:

The Rube almost did not make it to the magnolia collection at the NYBG yesterday. Having walked three-quarters of the way counterclockwise around the extensive grounds, trying not to miss anything on his way to to the magnolias, he got lost and fell into a bad mood. Then, retracing his steps clockwise to be sure of arriving back to terra cognita, he was not quite sure if he could make it to the magnolias and still catch the next half-hourly train back to NYC. He opted for the Garden Cafe instead, where a chocolate chip cookie and an iced tea proved such a tonic that he thought, what's another half-hour compared to my last chance to see the magnolias this year?

The collection is basically two bunches of trees as shown in Fig. Mc, whites on one side of the road, and pinks on the other, and one of the few places in the NYBG where walking on the grass is not frowned upon. There is a bench on the edge of the forest, where one could admire the flower wall (Fig. 3), or sit in the shade of a flower roof (Fig. 1).


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