Cherry blossoms and Pilgrim, Pilgrim Hill, Central Park
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Roving Rube
'03 Apr 16

Rube's Notes:

Before taking up photography, the Rube never had the occasion to be in Central Park during the week or two that the cherries bloom. Now he has to be there -- it's his duty! A tough job ... but someone's got to do it.

What's New:

Netscape "set text of layer" bug solved; thanks be to Google!

Our swap image buttons haven't been working in Netscape 6+ since we started using the "set text of layer" command to swap out the caption along with the picture. After mucking about on the Netscape pages, we finally typed into Google, "set text of layer Netscape", and were directed right to the page with the fix. We have fixed all the pages on this server and will go back to (where, by the way, you will now find some outstanding 12-year old movie reviews written by the Rube) to fix the rest shortly.

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