Red Cube", Liberty Street
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'03 Apr


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Find your way to the plaza of the Marine Midland Building on Liberty Street, to view one of the best known outdoor sculptures in all of New York City, the famous orange-red cube by Isamu Noguchi. This fascinating structure, with its hole through the center, balances amazingly on one corner, looking as though it might topple at any moment. The Red Cube is really a rhombohedron, a six-sided figure whose opposite sites are parallel at oblique angles; this distortion creates the illusion of dramatic force, as well as contrast with the bland glass facade of the tower behind it. Noguchi commented that a cube on its point was like chance 'or rolling of the dice.' (Artwalks in New York, by Marina Harrison and Lucy D. Rosenfeld)

Another Noguchi on NYCJPG.

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