Possible Picasso sculpture, midtown 58th street
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  Star Magnolia

All photos:
Roving Rube

'03 Apr

Notes by
Roving Rube

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Yeah, yeah, the Rube says this about everything, but really, NYC has lots and lots of public art. For the purposes of this series we are including anything which has been placed by some sort of authority for the edification and enlightenment of the public. Not "street art", and not objects which are mainly ornamental or functional.

This looks like a Picasso-type thing to the Rube. He photographed it a couple of days ago (same day as those "cloudy forsythia" shots posted three days ago) because he noticed that under overcast skies it seemed more "photogenic" then usual. Possibly because on sunny days the bright white travertine cladding of this building and sidewalk make the sculpture seem pitch black.

He thinks that because it is on 58th Street, this sculpture isn't nearly as well known as the one on the heavily-trafficked 57th Street (the latter will be posted here tomorrow). But people who habitually walk 58th St. may disagree. And for people coming out of the Plaza Hotel next door (see Mc Fig.) may forever remember it as part of their first impression of New York.


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